What Are Reborn Dolls?

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls are incredibly lifelike, highly collectible handmade dolls that have become widely popular with collectors and enthusiasts alike all across the United States and overseas. Collecting these dolls has become a widespread hobby that has taken the world by storm, as fans search for the most realistic, beautiful, and unique reobrns to purchase and treasure forever.

Originally created in the late 1980s and early 1990s, since their early years, more people have fallen in love with these lovable, amazing and realistic reborn babies that can be collected, traded, sold, displayed and—of course—loved. Known officially as Reborn Baby dolls or Reborn Babies, the most sought-after dolls are ones that remarkably resemble living newborn babies. This realistic effect is achieved by hand-molding the Reborns from various vinyl or plastic materials in a difficult and time-intensive process known as “reborning.” These high quality dolls can often be mistaken for living children—especially by those not familiar with the dolls or when viewed from afar. Whether collectors keep a nursery with several different synthetic dolls on display in baby carriages, baby cribs, or in collectable cases, oftentimes Reborns are also welcomed into the family, and treated with the love and affection any newborn might elicit from its family.

Many people collect Reborn Baby Dolls as a hobby or as an investment. Many fans of Reborn babies collect several types of dolls, but will tell me that reborns are their favorite because of the loving detail and high quality that these dolls exhibit. Collecting these dolls is a hobby that you can begin at any point in your life, and continue for many years to come.

Another group who is often interested in reborn baby dolls is parents who have lost a child or newborn. Reborn baby dolls are a touching, beautiful way to memorialize your lost child, or even as a gift for your now-grown child. All the reborn baby artists featured on www.rebornbabydolls.org can mold custom reborn babies from old photographs, so that you can have a lifelike, amazing representation of your child, which can be an important part of the healing process for an individual. The sculpting process is intricate and once an expert reborner has a photograph of your child, he or she will be able to realistically match the child’s features to yours.

If you’d rather not create a custom reborn baby doll, we also have a varied collection of finished reborn baby dolls – available to ship to you immediately! Peruse through our gallery and find the reborn baby doll that speaks to you! Each doll has been handcrafted and is 100% unique, making any reborn baby you adopt from this site a one-of-a-kind addition to your collection.

  • In addition to collection reborn babies, many people find themselves getting into the process of making their own! There easiest way to get your hands dirty and to start making your own dolls is to purchase a reborn baby doll kit off Ebay. Once you get the kit, you can put the pieces together and paint your own color for the skin.
  • We only recommend attempting to create a reborn baby doll if you have some experience, or are an artist or craftsperson in other realms, as the reborning process can be difficult, time-intensive, and complex. However, if you want to try it, creating your own reborn baby doll can be a very rewarding experience, and it allows you to create the exact representation or doll that you want to create.

Want to be a reborn baby artist?

If you thoroughly enjoy molding and painting your own dolls, many reborners run successful reborn baby doll businesses and display their dolls via stores on Ebay. Reborn babies sell for anywhere from $75 to $1000, and there is a large and growing market for these dolls. Many reborn artists create a small line of unique reborn baby dolls models that can be very hard to find. By doing an Ebay search, you can find reborner shops with reviews, testimonials, and images of beautiful reborn baby dolls.

If you are thinking about purchasing a reborn baby doll, just remember that painting the reborn babies is an important part of the reborning process. Look for high-quality artists and those who believe that every reborn baby deserves as much love and attention to detail as the next. The baby’s hair and eyelashes are another time-intensive aspect of sculpting the doll, so pay close attention to the quality of these items. Because these processes are so important, every detail can take a long time. We suggest contacting your reborn baby doll artist prior to purchase to discuss these aspects with them. Or if you work with us at www.rebornbabydolls.org, we can answer any questions you may have about the reborn baby dolls. We hope you enjoy your reborn baby, as these dolls can bring much joy for your entire life!

Reborn Baby Dolls
Reborn Baby Dolls

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