Why We Love 100% OOAK Reborn Babies

You might see Ooak Reborn Babies listed on eBay or another reborn babies online marketplace, and if you don’t know what it means, that’s okay! So first off, we want to clear up some misunderstandings about this term.

Ooak is often a designation seen on eBay, Etsy, or any online listing, and it can be written as Ooak, OOAK, or O.O.A.K., though the last one is the least common (though the most grammatically correct!) No, these sellers aren’t just coming up with a funny way to write, “Okay” – in fact Ooak (which is the most common way you’ll see the word written out, with either no capitalization or just the first ‘O’ capped) stands for One Of A Kind.

So when you see a listing for an Ooak Reborn Baby Doll, you can assume that the seller wants you to know that this reborn baby is 100% unique. Many reborn artists pride themselves on creating all their reborn baby dolls as ooak reborn babies, as each is handmade and special. Those who collect and adopt reborn babies often want that special feeling that comes from knowing they have a doll unlike any other. So you will often find reborn artists who say that every doll they create is OOAK. However, OOAK Reborn Babies can mean even more than that. Not only does the term often mean 100% unique, but it can also signify a limited release or quantity of a certain feature.

Oftentimes 100% Unique OOAK Reborn Babies are created by artists who are lesser known or have smaller businesses because these artists can only create a certain amount of reborn babies in a year, and so each one is often one of a kind. From a seller’s point of view, especially in the world of reborn babies, Ooak reborns can be very personal, as one seller relates.

“When I create OOAK reborn babies, it’s not just a selling tactic,” she says. “It means that as much as I might love that baby, and some quality or feature I have added to it, I might never be able to recreate that exact reborn again, hence why I would label it an OOAK Reborn.”

OOAK reborns are often quite popular, especially with reborn baby collectors, because they can rest assured that the reborn baby they are adding to their reborn baby doll nursey is 100% unique, and thus a good investment. But because these ooak dolls are so popular, we do recommend that if you see one you fall in love with on a listing, you purchase that ooak reborn doll immediately, as it might disappear quickly.

Here are some common meanings of Ooak Reborn Babies

  • Ooak Reborn Babies can mean that they are limited edition, which means that 400 or less are created from a unique mold or model
  • The vast majority of OOAK Reborn Dolls are created not by famous rebourners, but independent or lesser known reborn baby doll makers
  • Sometimes, famous reborn artists will create a line of OOAK reborn baby dolls with some special feature or from some unique mold. These dolls often only have 100-500 created in that line.
  • Sometimes the term ooak reborn can mean “The Original,” which means the first of its line – the original doll that was the basis or first created for a limited edition. These dolls are worth even more than even the other Ooak Reborn Dolls in their release.

Ooak reborn babies for sale

The following are the best Ooak reborn baby dolls for sale by artists. Many of the dolls below are 100% Ooak reborn dolls and unique – there are no other reborn dolls like them on the market. Some of the dolls come from limited releases of around 100-500 dolls. Each listing will note the quantity and history of each Ooak reborn baby doll.

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