The Beauty of Helen Kish Dolls

Kish Dolls – Reborn Dolls by Helen Kish

Kish Dolls are created by Helen Kish, one of the most famous doll creators in the industry. For over 20 years, Helen Kish has been producing top-of-the-line dolls known as her, “Kish Dolls.” These dolls are created with the utmost respect for detail and care, and the quality of each reborn Helen Kish doll is unmatched.

Every year, Helen Kish produces an OOAK line of signature dolls, and each has a unique name and personality. For example, of the most popular lines was the 2007 collection, that included reborn babies known as:

  • DJ Contempo
  • Jessamyn Contempo
  • Little Pippi and Monkey
  • Riley Contempo

Kish Dolls are often not outright called reborn baby dolls, but instead are known as collectible, realistic dolls made by the artist Helen Kish. However, because of the intricacy of the dolls, and the incredible realism Kish is able to create with each of her dolls, Kish Dolls can definitely be classified as reborn babies. Kish reborn dolls have become incredibly collectible among hobbyists and reborn baby doll collectors, especially those who are familiar with Helen Kish’s wider doll work. These dolls are enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to adults. Helen Kish Dolls come out each year with new models, different nationalities, different ages, and looks.

One distinct feature that differentiates a Helen Kish reborn from others is the wide range of poses that she arranges for her dolls. Each Helen Kish reborn baby is captured in a real-life moment, such as crying out for attention, wiggling, or even posing for a picture. This, of course, adds to the collectability of the dolls, as doll collectors race to purchase one of every type of pose and option for the Helen Kish dolls. It is also a mark of a respectable reborn doll nursery to have at least one, if not more, of a Kish Doll in it.

Meet Helen Kish

In an interview with Doll Reader magazine, Helen Kish revealed several secrets on how she goes about creating her dolls. As a trendsetter in the doll industry, and an expert doll maker (she has been creating dolls for over 30 years), Helen Kish remains humble in her craft and her passion for doll making is evident.

“I was totally unaware of anyone else (living) doing what I was doing,” Kish said. “Even after I discovered that there were a few others like myself out there, images of the work of contemporaries was scarce, and contact with them even more so.”

Kish goes on to state that, in the past, people have commented that her dolls seem to resemble something of herself, or even someone she knows. To this she remarks, “People have commented on this since the early days of my career,” she said. However, although some might see this as a critique, Kish doesn’t mind when people say that to her now. She knows that part of this might be one of the reasons Kish Dolls are so relatable, and also so recognizable.

If you have a chance, you should check out her dolls, or discover a more affordable, yet just as unique and lovingly crafted doll like a Kish Doll through a convenient online doll marketplace. Many reborn artists have quoted Helen Kish and her work as great influences in their own, and Kish Dolls will forever be remembered as some of the best examples of reborn baby dolls out there – and are an excellent example of why reborn baby dolls are such a highly prized, collectible, and beautiful addition to any doll collection.

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