Custom Reborn Baby Dolls

Thank you for your interest in ordering a custom reborn baby doll. While all reborns are beautiful, amazing additions to your doll collection or family, a custom reborn baby is especially special, as it will be truly, uniquely yours. If you’re interested in working with one of our reborn artists to design a custom reborn, here is how the process works.

The process of birthing a custom reborn baby doll

First, please contact us and set up a free, simple consultation to discuss your initial ideas for your doll, and – at this time – if you have any photographs that you’d like to share, we’d welcome these as well. Our expert dollmakers can craft a reborn baby from your specific instructions, based on your desires for features from hair color to size to skin color and any distinguishing birthmarks or distinguishing features. Don’t be shy – we would love to hear from you. Designing a custom reborn baby doll is an intimate, loving process, and we want to make sure that the doll you end up with is exactly what you imagined.

What is your budget for purchasing a reborn doll?

$100 $100-$250 $250-$500 +$400 (Custom Dolls) 

While we stand by the quality of all our reborns, our tiered pricing does come into play depending on the amount of extra features, details, or enhancements you’d like on your doll. Remember, some dolls can have real-life hair, mechanisms for breathing, or even hyper-realistic additions such as top-quality glass eyes or delicate, hand-painted skin accents. So please let us know your price range, and we can let you know what options are available for you within your budget. Don’t worry, you may also reach out to us and we’ll walk you through your options if you’re unsure.

Your next steps:

In order to create the perfect reborn baby for you, we’ll need to ask several qualifying questions before the reborning process can begin. These questions are to make sure your expectations align with what is possible to create – and while we have never had any issue with meeting our customers’ expectations, we always want to make sure everyone is aligned before we begin the delicate and consuming process of reborning your custom doll. It is my goal that we always produce the highest quality, most accurate and particular doll for you, so here are some of the most important things to consider as you begin thinking about your custom doll.

  • If you would like your doll to be created from a photograph of an actual baby, please mention that request in your message on Etsy
  • You may choose the kit for your baby (up to 26″) and the gender you would like
  • You may also choose the eye color, hair color, and skin coloring of your custom reborn; you can always update these preferences up until the last call – which your reborn artist will convey to you and you will have this date prior to the beginning of the creation process
  • Premium enhancements are available for your custom reborn, including newborn mottling, peaches and cream, and AA

Please contact us either through an eBay message, or the Contact Us page on this site. Once I get some initial information, we will begin the process of creating your custom baby doll. Along the way, we will provide photographs and we will even stage a gratis first photo shoot once your doll is complete!


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