My name is Jamie Miller and for the last 5 years Reborn Baby Dolls have been my absolute life! I have been making my own dolls for years, and creating these beautiful, lifelike lovebugs are my absolute passion. I have sold over 1,000 dolls to happy customers and decided to create this website as a comprehensive resource for all things reborn doll-related on the internet. Plus, this site will also showcase my dolls and newest creations! Please feel free to email me at jamie[@]rebornbabydolls.org with any questions you may have!

  • If you would like a custom doll, please visit the order page.
  • Would you like to provide a guest post on our blog? Please contact me via email and let me know your topic and interest!
  • Have questions regarding reborn babies and the process of birthing a reborn baby doll? I love to connect with other reborn baby fans and reborn baby doll collectors, who are just as passionate as I am!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my website!

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