Why Reborn Baby Dolls?

Reborn Babies Are A Treasure

  • Lifelike Look and Feel

    Lifelike Look and Feel

    Once you hold a reborn baby doll in your own arms you can see why thousands of these unique dolls have been adopted all over the world. The feel of a reborn doll brings out the natural mothering instincts and fills the holders with love and joy.

  • Waking Up To A Reborn

    Waking Up To A Reborn

    Waking up next to a sleeping baby is a feeling that is treasured. Many women who have never had a chance to wake up to a newborn or have had their children grow up can live this beautiful experience. Learn how to adopt your own custom reborn baby doll today!

  • Memoralizing Lost Infants

    Memoralizing Lost Infants

    Losing a child in infant hood can be a traumatic experience. One way to help regulate these feelings is by memorializing the lost child by creating a reborn in its honor. This practice is extremely common and can be an amazing way to heal the pain.

"My custom baby doll came just like the photo I provided. I could not be more pleased!"
Jane Hallowell
- Santa Monica, CA


reborn baby dollsReborns: Baby Dolls That Look Real For Sale

There are many dolls out on the market, but when you think of them you usually think of a plastic child’s toy with stiff limbs and an unrealistic look to their face. Reborns are a whole new level of doll and look so realistic you would be forgiven for thinking they were the real thing. Not only do they have lifelike features, they also have realistic skin to the touch making them each special works of art.
A work of art

The Reborners (artists) work tirelessly for months ensuring that close attention is paid to every single detail. In some cases the dolls are based on a real child and have everything from realistic facial expressions to premie dolls that can be made as little as 4 inches in length. Because of the immense detail they are extremely collectable with some people owning over a hundred and others purchasing them as part of their family.

reborn baby premieHelp for grief and loneliness

For some people the Reborn dolls are so lifelike that they are purchased to help overcome grief after losing a child of their own. Some will buy them after watching their own children grow up and leave the nest to experience parenthood of a newborn baby once again.

You have to hold a Reborn to understand just how realistic they are in comparison to a real newborn baby. They are so realistic that they have on many occasions been left in vehicles and mistakenly been reported to police as abandoned children. It is only after breaking into the vehicle to rescue the child that it has been realized that the child is in fact a work of art rather than a real baby.

reborn doll boyHow long have Reborn dolls been around?

Reborn dolls have been around since the early 1990’s and since the first one was sold the sales have increased each year. Black Reborn Baby Dolls have been exploding in recent years. Their popularity has even gained media attention showing women and men that have fallen in love with their Reborn’s and wanted to add to their family further by collecting different versions.

No two alike

Although the initial shell of the Reborn Dolls are similar, the completion takes months of hard work and dedication by hand making each and every one unique. Extra features to add more realism to the doll include real hair, magnets within the dolls heads to add  bows and other accessories and even electronic devices to give the dolls a heartbeat. To further add to the realism the Reborn dolls can even be made with more weight and with heat packs so that the baby feels warm when holding. The weight of the baby can also be chosen so that the head is heavier just like a real newborn. More recently people have wanted even more realism which is why there is even the choice of having a baby that simulates breathing through clever electronics that silently make the baby’s chest rise and fall. These are not your average dolls, the dedication in creating them is shown by the finished product.

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